The Delight of Astro Sketching

Unique stargazer of both skies – Northern and Southern Hemisphere


Custom-made Nam’s Dobsonian, UK Orion 16″ F/4 Research grade mirror,
Feather touch Focuser, 9*63 Finder, all manual equipment (No electronics)

TeleVue Ethos 13mm (142x) : Galaxy, Cluster, Nebula
TeleVue Ethos 8mm (230x) : Planetary Nebular, Solar System
Pentax XW 3.5mm (457x) : Saturn, Moon
Pentax XL 40mm (40x) : Dark Nebula
TeleVue Paracorr 2 : mainly with Ethos
TeleVue Powermate 2.5
Handmade Eyepiece dew heater

Lumicon UHC 1.25
Lumicon OⅢ 1.25
Optolong Variable Moon Filter 1.25

Rotring Isograph 0.35mm & 0.18mm
Sakura Gelly Roll White
Faber-Castell Pastel Pencil 101 & 118
Black paper sketchbook
Galaxy Note 8, Sketchbook app, Stylus pen and fingers
Paper stump
Eraser & Craft knife

Equatorial Platform
Astrothingy Large version (

Solar Scope
Lunt 60mm Double Stack
Vixen Porta
Umbrella for pram

Red lights
Skywatcher LED Dual Lights
Celestron Night Vision LED Flashlight

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